GEONETCast Overview

  • Listing of GEONETCast stations / organizations using GEONETCast per continent, using some sort of interactive map that is regularly updated. Necessary info could be obtained via EUMETSAT, eventually grouped per country.

Upcomming training opportunities / calender

(e.g workshops, distance education, pre-conference events)

User Forum

User can open threads and post questions/answers/best practice


Professionals working with GEONETCast writing regularly about their experiences and endeavours

Demo Theater

Screencasts of GEONETCast applications


  • Software packages related to GEONETCast such as the ILWIS extension

  • ILWIS-GEONETCast Scripts directory. We have developed scripts that are relevant for a larger community. This location can be used to post the scripts, together with a document describing the functionality of the script. We have developed a new ILWIS variable so the scripts can be made generic (further info via Martin)


  • Training Data: download sample data and data that is used in conjunction with the training materials provided online ( and data can eventually be disseminated via EUMETCast - training channel, in collaboration with EUMETSAT)

  • New data / products in GEONETCast. GEONETCast is continuously developing, information on new dat / products and their application domains is of importance

  • EUMETSAT Online Archive


Tutorials (if existing)


  • Publications about GEONETCast

  • Applications using data from GEONETCast

More fancy features would be (nice to have):

RSS feed with news (if there are any)

Video Blog/Potcasts

Twitter account for disseminating GEONETCast related news

-- BastianSchaeffer - 27 Aug 2009

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