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The 52°North IT-Team.

52°North Documentation Web

A knowledge base for 52°North developers, partners, users, and friends.

For Developers

Software Development

  • Best practices for good development patterns, i.e. all the (small) things that programmers regularly do and how it is done well, are collected at ALERT! BestPractices.
  • A common code format style is advantageous for collaborative development, becauser reformatting does not cause SCM systems to discover changes where there weren't any but just some reformatting. So please use the Eclipse Code Formatter as described here
  • Tips for better coding by 52°North staff



Testing, Building and Deploying

Source Code Management

  • GitFAQ is the entry point to all git and GitHub documentation


Java Web Applications

Javascript Client Applications

For Code Manager

License Managment

General Documentation

Internet Relay Chat (=IRC)

Marketing Material

Website and Accounts

Software Guides

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