How to create an IRC channel on OFTC

  1. Connect to OFTC ( with your favourite IRC client. A list of clients can be found here. IMHO x-chat ist the best choice. Windows binaries can be found here.
  2. Register your nick with /msg nickserv register <your-password> <your-email>. Now you are able to create your own IRC channel.
  3. Join a new channel: /join #<channel-to-be-created>
  4. Register channel: /chanserv register #<channel-to-be-created> <description-text>

Here is a bunch of other useful commands:

  • Getting help for chanserv (everything related to channel administration): /chanserv help oder /chanserv help register
  • Add another channel master (new master has to be registered first): /chanserv access #<channel-name> add <nick> master
  • Set autoop to on (registered channel master/operators become op automatically after joining the channel): /chanserv set #<channel-name> autoop on

-- JohannesBrauner - 07 Mar 2008

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