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SensorObservationServiceIVDocumentation in SensorWeb web 05 Mar 2020 - 09:04 - r147 CarstenHollmann

SOS 4.x Documentation Quick Links About How to install How to Develop For Information about the new 52°North implementation, SOS 5.x, please see Sen...
Tags: developer, documentation, guide, sos

SensorObservationServiceDeveloperGuide in SensorWeb web 06 Mar 2020 - 14:53 - r42 CarstenHollmann

SOS Contributor Guide * Create a PDF of this topic Introduction This is the developer guide for the SOS. To all contributors: If you contributing code, then pl...
Tags: developer, documentation, guide, sensor observation service, sos

SosImporter in SensorWeb web 18 Sep 2017 - 07:16 - r67 EikeJuerrens

The documentation is moved to the github repository (since v0.5). Please checkout the required branch or version for the according documentation. How to Run ...
Tags: developer, documentation, sensor observation service, Sensor Web, sos, swe, tutorial

WikiGuide in Documentation web 09 Aug 2016 - 08:07 - r15 EikeJuerrens

Wiki Guide This guide contains the collected knowledge of the 52 #176;North universe regarding the efficient usage of this wiki. It comprises the following secti...
Tags: documentation, guide

WebHome in Documentation web 26 Apr 2022 - 09:52 - r59 EikeJuerrens

52°North Documentation Web A knowledge base for 52°North developers, partners, users, and friends. Recent changes in web: %SEARCH{ "'1'" web="" type="query" ...
Tags: documentation, portal

CreateIrcChannel in Documentation web 15 Oct 2014 - 13:41 - r3 EikeJuerrens

How to create an IRC channel on OFTC 1 Connect to OFTC (irc.oftc.net) with your favourite IRC client. A list of clients can be found here. IMHO x chat ist the ...
Tags: documentation

WPS4RDocumentation in Geostatistics web 21 Nov 2016 - 16:10 - r20 DanielNuest

WPS4R Documentation General documentation page for using and installing WPS4R based on the 52°North WebProcessingService. For typical use cases please also see t...
Tags: documentation, r, wps, wps4r

WeatherStationsPersistentTestbed in SensorWeb web 22 Mar 2017 - 14:38 - r26 EikeJuerrens

Persistent Sensor Web Testbed: Weather Stations Live data If you want to see live data, just checkout the Javascript SOS Client instance running on our demo ser...
Tags: documentation, sos, swe

MavenHome in Documentation web 11 Jun 2015 - 12:23 - r38 EikeJuerrens

Maven Documentation 52 North Repositories * Releases: http://52north.org/maven/repo/releases/ * Snapshots: http://52north.org/maven/repo/snapshots/ ...
Tags: developer documentation, documentation, java

LicenseManagement in Documentation web 16 Sep 2014 - 11:28 - r7 AnnHitchcock

License Management Process for 52 #176;North Software Projects Introduction Licensing plays a central role in today's Open Source Software projects. It has an i...
Tags: documentation, guide, license, licensing, open-tasks

WPS4R in Geostatistics web 02 Jul 2015 - 18:24 - r73 DanielNuest

WPS4R About WPS4R is a solution for creating WPS processes based on annotated R scripts. The code was developed in the FP7 projects UncertWeb and GeoViQua. The p...
Tags: documentation, r, wps, wps4r

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