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SOSWrapper Introduction The SOSWrapper is a new interface, designed to access the OX Framework's SOS functionality in an easy and intuitive manner. This document...
SOS Documentation Introduction This page documents the features and functionality since SOS 4.x and all features and functionality are also supported in sos 5.x...
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Sensor Observation Service (SOS) 3.x Overview The objective of the Sensor Observation Service (SOS) is to make sensors and sensor data archives accessible via a...
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52 #176;North Sensor Observation Service 4.x Database model This page describes the 52 #176;North Sensor Observation Service 4.x database model. The database mode...
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SOS 4.x Documentation Quick Links About How to install How to Develop For Information about the new 52┬░North implementation, SOS 5.x, please see Sen...
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SOS 5.x Documentation Quick Links About How to install How to Develop Build status Jenkins: Travis: Introduction Scope This docume...
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52 #176;North SOS operations Currently, the 52 #176;North SOS implementation supports the following operations: Core Profile * GetCapabilities * DescribeSe...
r6 - 10 Apr 2012 - 08:42 by CarstenHollmann
52 #176;North SOS Tutorial for v3.x How to install, deploy and use the 52 #176;North Sensor Observation Service 4.x is described here. The installation, deployme...
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