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GenPDFAddOnDemo (L1 Heading)

This is a sample document to show what can be achieved with the GenPDFAddOn Plugin.

Here are some headings - note that <h1> level 1 headers always appear on a new page and is treated as a new chapter in the PDF. So the Level 1 heading is not included to avoid the extra chapter.

Level 2 Heading

Level 3 Heading

Level 4 Heading

Level 5 Heading
Level 6 Heading
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Level 7 Heading
Level 8 Heading
Level 9 Heading
Level 10 Heading
Level 11 Heading
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Level 13 Heading
Level 14 Heading
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Some of the cool features are:
  • Title topic is a fully rendered Foswiki topic, editable from within Foswiki's normal edit mechanism.
  • Headers/Footers are fully rendered Foswiki variables embedded in HTMLDOC special comments, but defined in a normal Foswiki topic.
  • Images are included
  • Margins can be defined
  • PDF permissions can be restricted (this has 'print,no-copy' so you can't copy and paste the text)
  • Recursive rendering of child topics, such as GenPDFAddOnDemoChild


There are a few limitations, like
Really long lines of text in verbatim blocks will run off the edge of the page unless you break them. This is a limitation of htmldoc, not the plugin, so don't complain to me. There is nothing I can do about it but complain to the authors of htmldoc, which you could do anyway. Then again - how would you fix it?

Overflowing tables
Tables_can_overflow_if_you_have_long_words_in_the_cells If_you_generate_a_page_for_the_GenPDFAddOn_topic,_you_will_see_that_text_will_overflow_off_the_page,_similar_to_verbatim_text_above.

Settings for this topic

This topic includes the following settings:

Title Topic

<img src="%PUBURL%/%WEB%/ProjectLogos/FoswikiRobot121x54a.gif"
alt="Powered by Foswiki" width="121" height="54" align="left" />
<img src="%PUBURL%/%WEB%/ProjectLogos/FoswikiRobot81x119.gif"
alt="Powered by Foswiki" width="81" height="119" align="right" /><br/>
<font size="7"><i>%GENPDFADDON_BANNER%</i></font><br/>
<hr size="5" noshade>
<font size="7">%WEB%.%GENPDFADDON_TITLE%</font><br/>
<i>%FORMFIELD{"TopicHeadline" topic="%WEB%.%BASETOPIC%"}%</i><br/>
<font size="3">%GENPDFADDON_SUBTITLE%</font>
<hr noshade>
| *DocumentClassification* | %FORMFIELD{"DocumentClassification" topic="%WEB%.%BASETOPIC%"}% |
| *DocumentType* | %FORMFIELD{"DocumentType" topic="%WEB%.%BASETOPIC%"}% |
Copyright &copy; %DISPLAYTIME{"$year"}% Your Company<br/>
All rights reserved

This document contains Proprietary and Confidential information of Your Company,
and is protected by copyright, trade secret and other state and federal
laws. Its receipt or possession does not convey any rights to reproduce, disclose
its contents, or to manufacture, use or sell anything it may describe. Reproduction,
disclosure or use without specific written authorization of Your Company
is strictly prohibited.
Generated: %DISPLAYTIME%

Headers/Footers Topic

<!-- HEADER CENTER "%FORMFIELD{"DocumentClassification" topic="%WEB%.%BASETOPIC%"}%" -->
<!-- HEADER RIGHT "&copy; Your Company %WEB%" -->
<!-- FOOTER LEFT "%REVINFO{"r1.$rev &shy; $date &shy; $wikiusername" web="%WEB%" topic="%BASETOPIC%"}%" -->
<!-- FOOTER CENTER "" -->
<!-- FOOTER RIGHT "$PAGE(1)" -->


   * Foswiki.GenPDFAddOn Settings

Form fields

% META:FORM{name="GenPDFAddOnDemoForm"}%
% META:FIELD{name="DocumentClassification" title="DocumentClassification" value="CompanyConfidential"}%
% META:FIELD{name="DocumentType" title="DocumentType" value="HowTo"}%
% META:FIELD{name="TopicHeadline" title="TopicHeadline" value="A look at what the GenPDFAddOn plugin can do"}%
% META:FIELD{name="KeyWords" title="KeyWords" value="PDF, plugin, acrobat"}%

Child Topics (L1 Heading)

If a PDF of this topic is generated using the pdfrecursive option with pdfheadershift set to auto, then the child topics will appear after this header.

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-- WadeTurland - 14 Jun 2005
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