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The 52N WPS currenty requires a client to constantly pull the status of a process. It would be nice if the user could be notified about the state of a process, most importantly when it is finished.

However, that is neither the task of the service, nor of the client (e.g. Wps-js).


A third component, the seasaw, can be tasked to pull information from a resource at a defined interval, and if the response matches a certain pattern. The seasaw should be an independent resources from the WPS so that we only need one instance that can support many WPS.

User stories

  1. As a user I want to receive an Email with a link to the result of a WPS process once that it is finished so that I don't have to check myself all the time if it is done.
  2. As a user I want to be able to login to the Wobbler and see a list of all tasks that were submitted using my public identifier.
  3. As a user I want to see a list of all public tasks, i.e. all tasks that are not connected to a specific user.
  4. As a user I want to schedule a WPS process (having important side effects) to run at a defined interval and to be notified of the output so that I don't have to do the scheduling manually.
  5. As a user I want to schedule a WPS process to run once at a specified time so that I don't have to send the process at that time myself.
  6. As a user [..]


  • Response matching
    • via regex
    • via XPath
    • via "strings contained"
  • Actions for matched responses
    • Send Email
    • use WNS
    • execute JS code (running in sandbox, Email API provided)
    • Templates
  • Specific actions for exceptional responses
  • OAuth Login for backend (and eventually frontend)
  • Persistent storage
  • RESTful API
    • POST a new task
    • DELETE a task
    • GET a task - get the status


The Name

The service brings push and pull together, one thing happens and another thing is triggered, going up and down.
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