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Stops4POIProcess Description

This process computes the stops around a point of interest (POI) within a certain radius around the point. Tracks with stops are simply identified by a maximum speed threshold value.

Algorithm Description

The different steps are as follows:

  • buffer is computed around POI
  • track measurements are queried for buffer
  • iterate over measurements:
    • check, if trackID is already stored in tracksWithStop list; if yes, go to next measurement, if no:
      • if measurement.speed<maxSpeed, store trackID
  • total number of stops is length of tracksWithStop list, total number of tracks is length of list of all track IDs

Process Parameters




  • pointOfInterest
    • Type: WKT
    • Description: Point of interest
  • maxSpeed
    • Type: Double
    • Description: maximum speed value to consider a measured speed value as a stop
  • bufferSize:
    • Type: Double
    • Description: size of buffer that is created around POI to determine nearby tracks
  • temporalFilter (TODO):
    • Type: String; formatted according to description of EnviroCar server
    • Description: temporal filter; can be used to specify temporal window for which stops should be computed


  • pointOfInterest:
    • Type: GeoJSON
    • Description: GeoJSON feature that contains the POI geometry as well as total number of stops, the total number of tracks and the percentage of stops.
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