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PegelAR - Augmented reality water level visualisation


The PegelAR app for Android is a prototype to visualise water level data in augmented reality.

The source code of the project was contributed by the original authors Raphael Rupprecht and Dr. Theodor Foerster. It is available for download below. The code is unchanged and not actively maintained by 52°North, though we will be more than happy to establish a development environment if interest from third parties exist. ALERT! If you are interested to use this code, be prepared that development efforts are required.

The app

Current information for water levels are available as open data via open APIs (e.g. This data can be displayed in an abstract fashion on maps, including interactive online maps, but no intuitive visualisation exists.

In the diploma thesis project PegelAR the free Pegelonline data are integrated into an augmented reality app. Citizens and decision makers can experience water levels and their influence in the field with this application. A graphical overlay of camera image and water gauge data allow to derive information based on historical (based on Pegelonline's data for average and extreme levels) as well as potential water levels (based on a SRTM digital terrain model and GPS elevation).

(based on

Screen Shots

am_ufer-300x200.jpg nutzer.jpg




This project is published under GPLv3, matching the main dependency DroidAR.

Source code

The source code and binary version (APK file) of this app can be downloaded here:

The project is based on an older version of the the AR app DroidAR, the used version is included in the zip file.

Development environment

The source code consists of two zip files which can be imported into Eclipse as projects: File -> Import ... -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> "Select archive file". Then you have to update the Android API in the respective project settings (Project Properties -> Android -> Project Build Target), and also add DroidAR as a library dependency for the PegelAR project (Project Properties -> Android -> Library -> select the project).


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