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GSoC at 52°North for Org Admins

This page is for "public" information related to making GSoC work at 52°North - the org admin perspective.


Lessons Learned from Previous Years

Other's Lessons

Own Lessons

  • Deduplication
  • Mentor mentoring is important
    • One org adming should only mentor the mentors, no students (not even being backup)
    • Have a regular discussion with the mentors about what they do. Motivate them to do code reviews and take part in the well thought out development process, motivate them to act as teachers.
    • If a mentor does not have to put in 5 hrs. per week, that can (!) be nice, but he probably just should interact more.
    • Never ask the question how much time a student works - it is too easy to lie and should not be the most important measure anyway.
    • Projects risk to fail because of lack of focus and mentoring, rarely because of incapable students.
    • Mentors must review and test code regularly. Therefore regular reports by the mentors must also be requested.
  • Get partners and communities involved as early as possible.
  • Special case for us: Software development discussion that happen off-list / in person in Münster - not a good integration of community!
  • Start early with integration to main code. Mentors must review and test code regularly.
  • Get involved in the project in the beginning - not towards the end, it is more effective.
  • See also the internal GSoC2012Review - if you are a 52Ner only!
  • Student application phase
    • ALERT! Have a concrete development challenge for every projet idea ready from the beginning (make it part of the ideas template)
  • Enforce some guidelines: GSoCGuidelines
  • More concrete requirements for passing
    • (Early) deployment on the demo server: several projects failed to deploy a demo at the end in the last years. Therefore a deployment of the status quo at midterm should be made a non-negotiable requirement for a positive evaluation.
    • Screencast / video to be uploaded to 52°North Youtube account with spoken text
  • Even when ignoring students don't imply anything about acceptance or rejectance.
  • Don't discuss acceptance or rejectance with students!
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