UI for the Arctic Sea settings API (Faroe)


Please provide an introduction for this topic.


Weekly Reports

3rd June - 8th June


  1. Proposed specs for the REST API in form of a doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nOiGDGKAttrcP-Q3IOXsjW0EtCgZvEqLM-4895Ig7gA/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Decided that rather than having a different this configurator as different project. It will be include as sub-module in faroe project itself

  1. Information is being conveyed at a very high level. The more important, granular details haven't been formulated at all, causing the introductory post to be delayed
Next tasks

  1. Get the finer details & have the introductory blog post ready
  2. Implement one of the endpoints based on the details obtained from above discussion.
  3. Have unit-tests ready for the same implementation

9th June - 15th June


  • Setup the endpoints & created PR for the same in a new sub-module within faroe
  • Started documenting the implementation using openAPI v3 specifications
Next Steps

  • Finalise the backend memory store api
  • Complete the endpoints implementation without JWT authentication

  • Fell sick, hence wasn't able to complete the verbal commitments given to mentor last week

15th June - 22nd June


  • Completed the implementation of the resource /services/{service}/definitions along with unit tests
  • Other resources' unit tests would be completed in couple of days
  • Made use of the existing SettingsServiceDaoImpl for modifying settings

  • Not sure how to do e2e testing
Next Week

  • Start working on mocks for the UI
  • Define service interface in more clearer way
  • Finish writing UT's for other controller as well

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