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GSoC Projects at 52°North in 2017

Project Descriptions

A brief summary of the original project ideas is available here:

Caching for Sensor Web REST API

In many use cases on the Web high responsive clients are a must. However, within the Sensor Web timeseries data can become very large quite often (sensor data measured by minute year-by-year). To keep user experience of light Web clients on an acceptable level solutions have to be developed to tackle this problem. The main goal of this project is to improve the performance of serving in-situ data available from the lightweight (RESTful) Sensor Web API. Since the complexity of a Sensor Web architecture, this can target several components. Which one to choose, depends on the concrete components used in such an architecture. Here, we focus on the stand-alone proxy Web application.


  • Henning Bredel
  • Carsten Hollmann
  • Christian Autermann

Project page

See GSoC2017CachingForSensorWebRestApi

Simple Features for protobuf and others

The Simple Feature Access Specification (aka. Simple Features) is a common standard for exchanging spatial features that is widely used in geoinformatics in Open Source projects as well as in proprietary programs. It defines a generic data model for storing and accessing geographic data and their geometry types. This specification includes data primitives such as Point, LineString, Polygon, various multi-versions of these geometries as well as a GeometryCollection. Beside of the data model specification, the standard also covers different representation formats of these geometries. These include the so-called Well-Known-Text (WKT) and Well-Known-Binary (WKB) formats.

In recent years, a lot of different binary-based serialization frameworks raised that allow a platform- and language-neutral way of encoding structured data for use in communication protocols, data storage etc. Some of these serialization frameworks are:

Protocol Buffers (aka. protobuf) developed by Google Thrift developed by Facebook Apache Avro Messagepack

All these frameworks have their own characteristics and workflows in terms of serializing messages. Protobuf, for instance, requires the definition of so-called .proto schemas that describe the content of data objects to be serialized. A compiler is used to generate language- and platform-specific class-files from these schemas that perform the serialization process.

The aim of this project is to develop a serialization framework for transparently serializing simple features for multiple serialization frameworks in Java. Starting point is the so-called JTS Topology Suite (JTS), which is a free and open source library containing geometries that correspond to the Simple Feature Access Standard.


  • Arne de Wall
  • Christoph Stasch
  • Christian Autermann

Project page

See GSoC2017SimpleFeaturesforProtobufAndOthers
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