GSoC Projects at 52°North in 2016

Project Descriptions

A brief summary of the original project ideas is available here:

Usability improvements for smle - Aleksandr Shevchenko

smle is a new development of 52°North based on TypeScript and Angular 2 that enables web based editing of SensorML descriptions. As the project has just started, the actual scope of this project is currently quite wide and subject to change. The coarse idea is to improve the usability of the editor in some points. But, depending on the state of the project in the summer, it could also include general development of new features.


  • Christian Autermann
  • Simon Jirka
  • Jan Schulte

Project page

See GSoC2016UsabilityImprovementsForSmle

Visual Analytics of enviroCar tracks - Naveen Jafer

The analysis functionality provided on the profile page of registered enviroCar users lists all tracks of a user and provides basic visual analytics facilities of single tracks, e.g. analyzing the positions in an interactive map and analyzing parameters like speed or fuel consumption in a time series chart that is linked to the interactive map. The current page is implemented in php.

The goal of this project is to migrate the analytics page to JavaScript (using angular.js) and to add additional visual analytics facilities. Therefore, a flexible architecture should be implemented that allows to easily add additional analysis tools on the analytics page.


  • Matthes Rieke
  • Christoph Stasch
  • Arne deWall

Project page

See GSoC2016VisualAnalyticsOfEnviroCarTracks

Terrain Model Generation and Analysis - Adhitya Kamakshidasan

The 52°North terrainServer offers Web-based services providing perspective terrain views as well as interactive 3D scenes (e.g., X3D-encoded). Terrain model generation and analysis is limited to just a few functions yet, though the underlying 52°North Triturus library already provides a lot of Java-implementations to perform such tasks.

There are many practical scenarios, where it would be desirable to have Web-based access to analysis tools (e.g., difference surfaces, mass calculations, inclination analysis, just to mention some) and to model generation functions. 3D Connection Maps - Adhitya Kamakshidasan Tools to set-up thematic maps showing connections or dependencies between different spatial features (e.g., good imports/exports of the World's countries, flight connections between airports, or chat contacts between Internet users) are hard to find. Thus, this project addresses the realization of an application that allows to set up connection maps based on X3D (resp. X3DOM for the Web) in 3D space based on 52°North Triturus.


  • Benno Schmidt
  • Christian Danowski

Project page

See GSoC2016TerrainModelGenerationandAnalysis

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