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EnviroCar Testing


This site collects all information regarding testing the enviroCar App and other software of the enviroCar platform. As for now, no formal test case are specified, but rather an informal check list is defined below that requires knowledge of the app and explorative testing. Nevertheless, it should ensure that the basic functionalities of enviroCar components are tested before they are released.

Test Cases

enviroCar App

The following test cases are defined for the enviroCar app (manual execution using the enviroCar app):

  • TC1: Is the installation process of the app completed and can the app be started?
  • TC2: Connection functionalities
    • TC2.1: Is the login functionality working?
    • TC2.2: Can a new car be created?
    • TC2.3: Can a car be deleted, if several cars are available in the app?
    • TC2.4: Can the OBD adapter be paired?
    • TC2.5: Can the app connect to the OBD adapter?
  • TC3: Data collection
    • TC3.1: Can the recording of tracks be started?
    • TC3.2: Is data received and visualized in the dashboard?
    • TC3.3: Can the recording of tracks be stopped and does the view switch from dashboard to the intial view?
    • TC3.4: If the recording of a track has been stopped manually, is the track finalized and can the recording of a track be started again?
  • TC4: Visualization options
    • TC4.1: Is the map view working?
  • TC5: Track Upload/Download
    • TC5.1: Is the upload of new tracks working?
    • TC5.2: Can existing tracks be downloaded from the server and visualized in the map?
    • TC5.3: Can tracks be deleted?
  • TC6: Automatic functionality
    • TC6.1: Is the auto-track-upload working?
    • TC6.2: Are tracks automatically recorded, if bluetooth is active and an OBD connector is close?
  • TC7: Is the logbook working?

enviroCar server

The test cases for the enviroCar Server component are subdivided into functional tests and load/perfomance tests.

Functional Tests


Load and Performance Tests


enviroCar WPS


enviroCar website

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