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WPS process to start the CSWLoDEnabler

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How to use

The WPS process to start the CSWLoDEnabler can be executed via the wps-js client located at cswlodenablerstarter0.png

The WPS process takes the following inputs:
Parameter name Description Default value Server-/Clientside defined
projectUrl The URL of the GLUES project entity in the LoD serverside
projectName The name of the GLUES project entity in the LoD GLUES project serverside
projectShortname The short name of the GLUES project entity in the LoD GLUES serverside
uriBase The URI base of the entities in the LoD serverside
uriGraph The URL of the graph that will be created during this execution clientside
urlCSW The URL of the CSW that the LoD should be created for serverside

The clientside default value is set directly, the serverside values can be loaded after a click on the respective button. The output of the process is a textual report generated by the CSWLoDEnabler. It can be requested directly or as reference. Default setting is as reference.

A click on execute starts the CSWLoDEnabler process


You can check the overal progress by clicking the refresh button.

After the process is finished, you can download the report.

The report gives some figures about the number of records and possible issues.
Report [added=4839, recordNumber=4918, startIndex=1, # added=4839, # issues=73, # retrieval issue=6]

********************** Added **********************
[glues:pik:metadata:dataset:ipsl-cm4sresa2cloudcover, glues:pik:metadata:service:magpielongtermlanduseco2-mpi-echam5-sresb2livestockproducts, ...]

********************** Issues **********************
474b2507-1196-4fb5-881b-fe6f57772b6f : Error while adding to model: Non-individual contacts not yet supported.

***************** Retrieval Issues *****************
{8183F968-A93A-4575-A397-639D8D3001E5} : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 103:{8183F968-A93A-4575-A397-639D8D3001E5}&ElementSetName=full&outputSchema=

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