Android Development Guidelines

This page shall collect resources for good software developement on the Android platform.

App Development

Maven Project Creation

Maven is mandatory for app development at 52N!


Step-by-step Guide

  • New > Maven Project
  • Select one of the following archetypes:
  • Mandatory elements in the POM file and their default values (if applicable) are listed below. The closing tags are omitted to clarify where values must be entered.
       <inceptionYear>the year</inceptionYear> (or project specific one!)
          <name>52&#176;North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH</name>
                            <name>name here
                            <id>SVN/Wiki name here
            <mailingLists><mailingList> (the appropriate community mailing list(s))
          <connection>scm:svn: (add the correct url!)
             <name>Apache 2</name>
             <comments>A business-friendly OSS license</comments>

Software License

The license for all Android-related projects is Apache 2.0, see, and all libraries you depend on should be compatible.


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