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Android at 52°North

This page is about Android projects at 52°North. Several communities work on activities for mobile devices. We facilitate joint development for the Android platform. Many parallel approaches exist - some with thematical overlap, others just have the platform as the common denominator - but mature pieces of software begin to emerge that require and allow more collaboration.

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Source Code Management

Source code is available via SVN at


The following table lists ongoing software developments, libraries and apps that are somehow related to 52°North.
Name Description Status
EnviroCar app Android app for collecting data from smartphone sensors and OBD-II interface in a car published, stable
GeoAR Augmented reality client for high-dimensional geospatial data published, stable
Finder SOS client for Android supporting mobile, location-based discovery of sensor data and visualisation, based on AQ-Finder discontinued, working beta stage
LiveTrackingSOS SOS client for tracking Finished thesis, code and document are available here
N/A Augmented reality visualisation of water gage levels Finished thesis, see
ElevatAR Simple client to compare elevation values from different elevation model services. discontinued in alpha stage

If you want to know more about any of the ongoing projects please contact MatthesRieke.

A rough collection of ideas for future work can be found at the Android discussion page.

Development Guidelines

Please follow the AndroidDevelopmentGuidelines for all related projects.

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