What changed because of the switch from TWiki to foswiki


In June 2016, 52┬░North switch from TWiki to foswiki. This results in some changes in naming things. This topic collects all required information.

Terminology changes

As part of the first Foswiki product release, various topics and terms were changed to avoid using the TWiki brand name and to more accurately reflect their purpose, including the following:

  • The TWiki web is now called System, as it contains configuration information for the entire Foswiki installation. The TWikiCompatibilityPlugin provides backwards compatible support for references to the TWiki web, in order to facilitate migrations from TWiki to Foswiki.
  • The %TWIKIWEB% and %MAINWEB% variables are now called %SYSTEMWEB% and %USERSWEB%
  • Topics in the Foswiki distribution have been renamed to eliminate the TWiki word and to make the titles more readable (for example, Plugins, Skins, and so forth).
  • All templates, CSS and Javascript names have been changed from twikiXxxxx to foswikiXxxxx
  • Key terminology changes:
TWiki term Foswiki term
TWiki variable Macro
preference(s) variable preference setting, or macro when referring to expansion of same
TWiki form Data form
TWiki Plugin Plugin
TWiki Template Skin Template
Topic Template Template Topic
TWiki Markup Language (TML) Topic Markup Language (TML)
TWiki Application Wiki Application

System Web

the former TWiki web

Old name New nameSorted descending
TWikiWebsTable WebsTable
TWikiUsersGuide UsersGuide
TWikiRegistration UserRegistration
TWikiUserAuthentication UserAuthentication
TWikiUpgradeGuide UpgradeGuide
TWikiTutorial TwentyMinuteTutorial
TWikiTopics TopicsAndWebs
TWikiTemplates TemplateTopics
TWikiSystemRequirements SystemRequirements
TWikiTemplates SkinTemplates
TWikiSkins Skins
TWikiSkinBrowser SkinBrowser
TWikiSiteTools SiteTools
TWikiShorthand ShortHand
TWikiRenderingShortcut RenderingShortcut
TWikiReleaseNotes04x02 ReleaseNotes01x00
TWikiHistory ReleaseHistory
TWikiRegistrationAgent RegistrationAgent
TWikiReferenceManual ReferenceManual
TWikiLogos ProjectLogos
TWikiContributor ProjectContributor
TWikiPlugins Plugins
TWikiMetaData MetaData
TWikiVariablesQuickStart MacrosQuickStart
TWikiVariables Macros
TWikiJavascripts JavascriptFiles
TWikiInstallationGuide InstallationGuide
TWikiGlossary GlossaryOfTerms
TWikiFAQ FrequentlyAskedQuestions
TWikiFaqTemplate FaqTemplate
TWikiEnhancementRequests EnhancementRequests
TWikiEditingShorthand EditingShorthand
TWikiDownload DownloadSources
TWikiDocGraphics DocumentGraphics
TWikiPreferences DefaultPreferences
TWikiForms DataForms
TWikiAddOns ContributedAddOns
TWikiContribs Contribs
TWikiDocumentation CompleteDocumentation
TWikiScripts CommandAndCGIScripts
TWikiCss CascadingStyleSheets
ATasteOfTWiki BeginnersStartHere
TWikiAccessControl AccessControl
TWikiPlannedFeatures, TWikiReleaseNotes04x00, TWikiSite, and WhatDoesTWikiStandFor have been removed.

Main web

Old name New name
TWikiAdminGroup AdminGroup
TWikiGroupTemplate GroupTemplate
TWikiPreferences SitePreferences
TWikiGroups WikiGroups
TWikiContributor ProjectContributor
TWikiUsers WikiUsers
TWikiGuest WikiGuest
TWikiRegistrationAgent RegistrationAgent
TWikiAdminUser AdminUser

info This information is copied from foswiki.org and adjusted for our needs.

info If you have any questions, please contact it-support@52north.org.
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